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Smart Home
Smart Home and Domotics

You know that feeling when you leave the house, you’re far away, and you don’t know if you’ve locked the door or left the iron on? Or having to ask someone to come and water the plants on vacation and check that everything is all right at home? Home automation puts an end to those annoying moments: now you can control your entire home via your cell phone. Ready to risk-proof your home and avoid unnecessary expenses?

Have you ever thought about the time and peace of mind you could gain with a smart home?

Smart home and home automation devices exist to make your home smart and put an end to some of the uncomfortable questions we ask ourselves. Protect your home from dangers and unnecessary energy costs. Live with greater peace of mind.


Automate your life: at the click of a button open the gate, the door and turn on the lights for your arrival home. Control your entire home with a simple gesture or your voice!


Be notified immediately in the app by smoke, flood and CO2 sensors in the event of a problem. Protect your property from intrusion with our camera systems and door and window interfaces.

Energy Efficiency

With intelligent heat controllers, integrated with your heating and air conditioning systems, you can always keep your home at the right temperature. Automate your electric shutters and blinds to regulate themselves according to the weather.

Door and lighting automation

Door and gate automation is the most common in Portugal, but home automation takes your home to another level! NICE smart home systems allow you to create scenarios. For example, you can create a scenario called "coming home", in which you set up the opening of gates and doors, turn on the lights in the places you'll pass and even have the music on and a freshly brewed coffee as soon as you enter the house! And all at the click of a button or a voice command!

Home Appliances Automation and CO2 detector

NICE's smart home systems, Fibaro and Yubii Home, allow for multiple integrations, particularly with your connected appliances. You can now be notified on your phone when the fridge is open. No more wasting money on a badly closed fridge door! You can also connect washing machines, dishwashers, irons, coffee machines... your imagination is the limit! The CO2 detector will also help you take immediate action in the event of a gas leak or if something is burning in the oven!

Integration with Virtual Assistants

The presence of virtual assistants is essential for the complete smart home experience, complementing home automation and smart home solutions. With the integration of virtual assistants such as Google Assistant, Siri or Amazon Alexa, it is possible to control various devices in the home using voice commands. From turning on the lights, adjusting the temperature, playing music to getting information, everything can be done simply and conveniently with a voice command.

Energy Efficiency

One of the great advantages of having a smart home system is being able to control and even automate your energy consumption so that it is as efficient as possible. Control your energy consumption on your cell phone, program your blinds to open and close according to sun exposure and your air conditioning to always have the right temperature for the room. And the best part? No need to worry, your smart home manages it for you!

Window Blinds

NICE/Yubii Home blind automation is an intelligent solution for your home, integrated into home automation and smart home technologies. With this feature, you can control the blinds remotely, allowing you to adjust the amount of natural light and privacy you want. Through the home automation system, it is possible to program the opening and closing times of the blinds, creating comfortable and energy-efficient environments. Enjoy the comfort and convenience of a smart home by incorporating NICE blind automation into your home automation system.

Leak Detector

The NICE / FIBARO Leak Detector is an indispensable device for a safe smart home and is part of the brand's home automation solutions. If it detects any water leaks in your home, the leak detector sends a real-time notification to your smartphone, allowing you to respond quickly and effectively to prevent damage caused by leaks or floods.


The security of your home is essential, whether you are at home or not. With home automation you can create your own personalized security system: with motion sensors, sound alarms, intrusion sensors on doors and windows, video cameras and of course, most importantly, the configuration of your cell phone to call the police if a security threat is detected. While you're away, a smart home will never seem empty: set your lights to simulate your presence as if the motion sensors were working!


Fibaro / NICE's automatic watering and mowing will allow you to maintain your smart home's garden more easily, comfortably and economically. With home automation lawn mowing and automatic watering systems, you can set the right times and duration to keep your garden lush and healthy, without manual effort. With a home automation system, you can control and supervise these features remotely. It's never been easier to keep your garden beautiful, even when you're away from home!

House Control

What if you could see on your cell phone if your doors and gate were locked, if your appliances were turned off and be notified immediately in the event of an intrusion, flood or fire? Now it's possible with home automation. We work with smart home devices from NICE, Fibaro and Yubii Home, internationally recognized for their quality, durability and constant innovation. No more worries when you're away from home, your smart home notifies you in the event of a problem!

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