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Efficient Doors and Windows
Aluminum window frames

We can say that we’ve been making aluminum frames for over 30 years, and we’re telling the truth. But more precisely, we make sure you never have to think about your doors or windows again, except when you realize that next winter you won’t need to turn the heater on full blast. We also do something else: if you happen to need us, we’re there. Are you looking for a reliable manufacturer for your efficient doors and windows? Contact us.

Advantages of Aluminum Window Frames

If you’re looking for efficient doors and windows that meet all your criteria for thermal and acoustic insulation, security, strength, durability, sustainability, aesthetics and, of course, cost, aluminum frames are certainly the right answer for you. Discover the advantages of this material and our portfolio.

Energy Efficiency

The efficient Classe + Metalagreste aluminum windows will reduce your home's heating and cooling costs. You can also apply for state funds to recover your investment.


Whether you choose 1- or 2-sash windows or even hidden-sash windows to let in more natural light, aluminum frames allow you to create the ambience you want without compromising on optimum energy performance.


Aluminum is a 100% recyclable material and is easier to repair than PVC. Aluminum window frames are the most ecologically sustainable option.

Casement and Tilt and Turn

This is the most efficient type of window, as the type of opening provides the best energy performance. All our windows combine casement and swing opening (unless you don't want them to), so you can ventilate your home without compromising on security.

Interior wood finish

This is the best option for those looking for the efficiency of aluminum, but who don't want to give up the natural look of wood inside their home. With this option, the outside of the frame is aluminum, but the inside is the natural wood of your choice. The perfect combination of functionality and aesthetics!


This type of opening is very popular in large windows, which often also act as a door/opening to the outside. Large sliding windows suit a more minimalist aesthetic, but also more traditional designs. If you dream of a large window for your garden, you'll like this gallery!


Pivoting windows will allow you to set your property apart. They are fixed to a central axis and rotate around it. They are easy to open and also allow you to adjust the desired opening so that you can ventilate the space without excessive air currents.

Awning Windows

The awning windows are the most popular solution for high ceilings or even as a skylight. Its opening system makes it easy to ventilate the space. Since they don't open all the way, they also help to keep the property secure.

Fixed frame

Contemporary architectural projects often include large windows to enhance the harmony between the interior and exterior spaces of the home. However, you won't need an opening in every window! Take a look at some of our fixed frame aluminum window work.

Contemporary Doors

Contemporary designs with straight lines call for a door with the same characteristics! Aluminum is a very versatile material that allows for creative combinations with other materials, such as glass or stainless steel. Get inspired by our gallery of contemporary aluminum doors.

Classic style doors

You don't have to give up the classic style you love so much! With the right design, you get the style you're looking for without giving up the safety of aluminum. Skeptical? Take a look at our gallery!

Discover our Aluminum Frame Projects - Efficient Doors and Windows

We work with quality aluminum profiles from the Cortizo brand. We provide assistance at all stages of the manufacture, installation and after-sales of your window frames.

Why entrust your project to Metalagreste?

More than just a supplier of window frames, automation and locksmiths, we are the reliable partner you are looking for to complete your projects.

  • Over 30 years of experience
  • PME Líder
  • Qualified professionals
  • Customer service
  • 100% compliance with EC, environmental and occupational health and safety standards
  • We work throughout Portugal and Europe