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PVC Window Frames

Increasingly popular, PVC window frames are a cost-effective solution for increasing the energy efficiency of your home.

Make your PVC window frames project a reality

We are committed to providing excellence in PVC window frames, combining modern design, durability and energy efficiency.


PVC frames without special colors or finishes are generally cheaper than aluminum frames, making them a more affordable option for many people.

Thermal and Acoustic Insulation

PVC frames offer excellent thermal and acoustic insulation with a significant impact on reducing heating and cooling costs. PVC windows are effective at reducing external noise, making the house quieter and more peaceful.

Resistance to corrosion from salt spray

PVC has excellent resistance to corrosion caused by the sea and is a good option for construction sites less than 5km from the sea.

PVC Doors and Windows
PVC Windows

Get inspired by our portfolio of PVC windows. Trust us with your project and start saving energy in your home too. Go ahead with the certainty of having the best technical assistance at every stage of your project.

PVC Doors and Windows
PVC Doors

PVC doors are a more cost-effective solution for increasing energy savings in your home. We make all kinds of customized PVC doors, with a more classic or contemporary aesthetic.

Discover our PVC Window Frame Projects

We work with quality PVC profiles from the Cortizo brand. We provide assistance at all stages of the manufacture, installation and after-sales of your window frames.

Why entrust your project to Metalagreste?

More than just a supplier of window frames, automation and locksmiths, we are the reliable partner you are looking for to complete your projects.

  • Over 30 years of experience
  • PME Líder
  • Qualified professionals
  • Customer service
  • 100% compliance with EC, environmental and occupational health and safety standards
  • We work throughout Portugal and Europe