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You don’t have to spend a lot to automate your home or business. We have several options to make your life easier, such as gate automation or home automation devices that allow you to control your home through your smartphone. Discover our automation systems!

Gate automation

Having to get out of the car to open the gate in the rain is a thing of the past. Automated gates are an affordable solution that will help you gain in comfort, security and value for your property.

Smart Home: Smart Home and Home Automation

Make your home smart with our home automation solutions. Save time and security with real-time monitoring of your home on your cell phone.

Metalagreste Automation Projects - Frequently Asked Questions

Door and gate operators are electronic systems designed to automate the process of opening and closing doors and gates. These systems can be installed on residential, commercial and industrial doors and gates to improve the safety, comfort and efficiency of access to buildings and restricted areas.

Among the most common types of automation for doors and gates are motors for sliding, swing, tilting and roll-up gates (sectional doors). They can be triggered by different methods, such as remote control, motion sensors or intercom systems. Discover our gates and automation systems here.

These are some of the devices with which you can program the operating hours of your equipment and control your home from your smartphone or virtual assistant:

Lighting: Turn the lights off, on, up and down. Install motion sensors and never forget a light on again.

Blinds and shutters: Raise and lower the blinds. Program the desired opening for different times of the day.

Pergolas and awnings: Open and close your awning or pergola with a click.

Thermostats: Save on energy bills with smart heat controllers, thermostats, wall sensors and WiFi air conditioning interfaces.

Alarm system: Detectors, sirens and video cameras connected to a central station that calls programmed numbers when triggered by an intrusion signal. Monitor the security status of your home in real time on your cell phone.

Leak detector: Never be surprised by a flood in your home again. Be notified at the slightest sign of infiltration.

CO2 detector: Helps you prevent the risk of fire.

Electrical Load Detector: Check the energy use of your equipment in real time and avoid overloads.

Doors and gates: Program the opening of doors and gates and check in the app that everything is closed properly.

Music: Program your favorite music for your arrival home or for a special evening.

Virtual Assistant: Integrate all these systems with the most popular voice assistants, such as Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant or your cell phone, for even more effective use.

Household appliances: Integration with your household appliances or other connectable systems, such as watering or animal feeding systems.

You can install only the equipment that is a priority for you and you are always in time to buy other items later, as and when they are needed.

In your portal you can create various “scenarios” in which you program your smart devices for different situations. Find out more about our home automation solutions here.

We have been working with Nice brand door and gate operators for several years, and the quality of their products is second to none.

In the field of home automation, we also work with companies in the Nice group: Fibaro, elero and Yubii Home.

Yes! The products of the Nice brand, with which we work, have integration with more than 3,000 third-party devices. The brand is also continually launching new integrations. So if you already have automation and home automation devices in your home, they can certainly be integrated with our products. Contact us and ask for a quote!